doipjs 1.2.9


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doip.js allows websites and Node.js projects to verify decentralized online identities.

Documentation available at

Installation (node)

Install using yarn or npm:

yarn add doipjs
# or
npm install --save doipjs

Import the doip module in your code:

const doip = require('./doipjs')

Installation (browser)

Include the following HTML snippet (requires openpgp.js):

<script src="/static/openpgp.min.js"></script>
<script src="/static/doip.min.js"></script>


Run the following javascript:

const verifyIdentity = async (url, fp) => {
  const claim = new doip.Claim(url, fp)
  await claim.verify()
verifyIdentity('', '9f0048ac0b23301e1f77e994909f6bd6f80f485d')

This snippet verifies the domain as bidirectionally linked to Yarmo's cryptographic key.


Anyone can contribute!

Developers are invited to:

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Everyone is invited to:

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